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Daniel is an artist based in Oxford. Throughout his life Daniel has been passionate about all forms of art and design. In recent years in addition to his occupation this enthusiasm has led to the creation of a variety of artworks. Daniel typically works with oils on canvas producing both figurative and abstract works.  


Daniel was born and raised in the the industrial town of Barrow-in-Furness before attending Leeds University to study Automotive Engineering. After completing his Masters Degree he moved to Oxfordshire to set about a career as an Aerodynamicist within the Formula One industry. In this role, sculptural design and science are combined to produce often complex 3D forms that are required to perfect the aerodynamics of the Formula One concept. During his extensive career he has managed several teams of Aerodynamicists and has been responsible for all areas of the car. He currently heads a team looking at more conceptual designs aiming to find and exploit loop holes within the regulations.


Daniel also serves as a technical adviser to the innovative San Francisco based start-up company Lit Motors. Here he has directed industrial designers to improve the aerodynamics of their auto-balancing electric vehicle whilst maintaining the principle aesthetics of the original concept.



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